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Hannah's post-and-beam barnhouse with vaulted cathedral ceilings and a great many bedrooms was built in the 1790s on four acres, and is 55 miles from New York City. It packs everything one would imagine in a get-away stay, from both a fireplace and wood-burning stove to a pool table to multiple clawfoot tubs and jacuzzi, with a landscape of picnic tables, hammocks, a BBQ, swing set, trampoline, bonfire pit, perennial gardens, and a frisbee golf hole. 


The NJ Transit Bus 197 makes frequent trips from NYC's Port Authority station to the 'Warwick Park & Ride'; there'll then be a shuttle to bring you to the property. If driving on your own, there's plenty of parking, and if you've room for others and are down to carpool, please say so on the Facebook page and/or Facebook event.


If you want to reserve a room, bed, couch, floor spot or tent space, the tickets for those are first-come, first-serve (aside from floor and tent if you're BYOing sleeping bags or bedding). 

All options are listed HERE.



·Beds, Couches & Tents for overnighters (again, RSVP please!)

·Projector (both indoors & outdoors)


·Mics (four, but perhaps only cords for fewer)

·Amp (acoustic, two channel)

·Patch cords (may be paired down here, we'll make it work)

·Portable Dock Speakers


·Open Floor Space

·Wood burning pen (woodland souvenirs!)

·Paint in exterior-finish bright colors (bring your...flower pots?)

·Private Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis lessons (holistic/therapeutic movement methods that combine principles of yoga, tai chi, swimming and dance; talk to Hannahgirl!)

·A Brooklynite hairstylist is coming, so you very may well get a haircut on the lawn, if ya fancy


Encouraged (from Hannah):

·Food & Bevvies


·Coolers ("as I don't have enough fridge space for
everyone to suit their creature and gastrointestinal comforts")

·Laptop, if projecting a large file instead of link



The Space //


New York

Sept 24th, 2017
Warwick, NY



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