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Salon: STILL HERE, a short film made with Ethan Rains starring Dominic Rains, Shohreh Aghdashloo and Alan Rosenberg, and featuring Annie McCain Engman.

Rains was born in Tehran, Iran, moved to London, England as a small child and then to the United States, where he was raised in Dallas, Texas. He began his acting career starring in the TV Movie SAVING JESSICA LYNCH(2003). He later appeared in FLIGHT 93 (TV movie), as Dr. Leo Julian on GENERAL HOSPITAL: NIGHT SHIFT (a spin-off of the soap opera), 24, FLASH FORWARD, BURN NOTICE, NCIS, CANE and ANGER MANAGEMENT.

He gained recognition in 2010 for THE TAQWACORES, based on a 2004 novel by an American convert to Islam. The New York Times praised his performance as "particularly eye-catching" and NBC reviewed that his portrayal is, "reminiscent of Adrien Brody’s career-launching turn in 'Summer of Sam'. Rains is just operating at an entirely higher level as the heart and soul of this film." This role also won him an award for best actor.

He then starred in the supernatural thriller, JINN, as Shawn Walker, a young automotive designer from Detroit who uncovers an ancient secret that threatens to wipe out his entire family.

Dominic's most recent role was as Saeed in the Sundance favorite, A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE AT NIGHT. Highly praised by many critics after its debut, Richard Lorber said, "This stunning and stinging cinematic marvel left us speechless at its premiere."

Rains recently collaborated on STILL HERE, a short film written and directed with his brother Ethan and inspired by real life events of their cousin's that was fatefully misdiagnosed with cancer. The film starrs Rains alongside Shohreh Aghdashloo and Alan Rosenberg.

Besides television and film, Rains is active in the Los Angeles theatre community and is a member of the Elephant Theatre Company. He has appeared onstage in productions of Desert Sunrise, Block Nine, Love Sick, Baby Doll, Cycles, and The North Plan.
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