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Salon: Slideshow of prominent design accomplishments by Portland's Elk Collective 

Kelly Ogden Gregg holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Interior Architecture and Design. Since receiving her first commission in 2003, Kelly has had the pleasure of working with talented artists and craftsmen on project teams assembled from around the globe. She has spearheaded works ranging from brand imaging and full environmental design to large scale art installations, boutique and lifestyle hospitality, restaurants, retail environments, spas, and luxury residences.

Kelly was a founding member and then Design Director for Architropolis, Creative Director of Elk Collective in Portland (through which she exclusively uses her husband Gabe Gregg's fine art works to furnish projects' walls), and has recently taken on the position of Design Director for Hampshire Hotels and Resorts in New York, where she oversees the Design of The Dream, Night, Time, and Chatwal brands.

Of her spaces, The Multnomah Whiskey Library was winner of two Eater Awards and listed as one of 2013's 12 Hottest Bars in The Country, and The Dream Hotel in Miami won The Hospitality Gold Key Award in 2012 for best guest room.

Image: The Multnomah Whiskey Library
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