Jamie Grace Davis has lived in LA Since 2000, currently working as an artist in Culver City. She is completing her MFA at Otis College of Art and Design. Her work centers around movement perception.

"Painting is the performance" is an ongoing attempt at exploring this intersection; The paintings themselves act as a record or souvenir to the performances created by the artist. They are both the thing and a picture of the thing / idea being explored.

The paintings have taken a variety of forms from pour paintings, layered abstract expressionistic gestural pieces, silkscreens to mono prints to video. They seek to further investigate figure ground relationship, and how we can "see" differently when the figure in the ground is altered. They seek to blur the line between object, picture, and experience. A reoccurring theme in the work is seriality as a representation of performing a repetitive gesture in movement.

For past /present work please check out:

In September, look for upcoming exploration entitled "7 days at the edge."